A Summery Beachy Bracelet

Make them for a beach themed/pool party… Fairly easy and inexpensive to make!

While in Havasu, I noticed the whole beach area was covered with these oblong shells, and stated gathering a few with more unusual coloring.  When I got back, I combined the shells with a few beachy charms to make this summer-inspired bracelet.



-About a foot (maybe foot and a half, to be safe) leather cord

-small shells with hole drilled in them (be careful when drilling!  Use the really strong drill bits and practice a few times before using the shells you plan on using in the actual bracelet.  I broke a few shells in this process.) (I used four shells, but depending on how long the bracelet it to be, you can add more.  This bracelet is on the shorter side for me.)

-Beach related charms.  I used three, as you can see.  You might want to add more.


-Jumprings.  You need as many as you have shells and charms combined.  Plus one for each end of the clasp.  So I used nine.

-Superglue to make the end knots stay tight.




How to:

Attach a jumpring to one end of the clasp, and tie on end of the cord to the jumpring, really tight.  I used superglue to glue this knot so it would stay tied.

Attach all shells and charms to a jumpring.

Leaving about a half inch or so of room, tie a knot in the cord.  String on first shell through its jumpring, then tie a knot on the other side of the jumpring.

Leave another half an inch or so before tying the next knot, then string on a charm by the jumpring.  Tie another knot.

Repeat this process, switching between shells and charms.

Continue until bracelet is of desired length.

Attach jumpring to other end of clasp and tie jumpring to end of cord…

Flaunt your new bracelet.