Easter Cake Pops: Cake Pops Revisited

Cake Pops are my nemesis.  Well, they aren’t exactly, but they are one of those things that looks sooo perfect in the cookbook and is promised to be sooo easy and is actually a very stressful, painful process.  If you are crazy like me, you will continue attempting to make cake pops despite your lack of success.  You will slowly climb the Cake Pop Mt. Everest and finally reach the top!


Today’s stop: Cake Pops for Easter.

Technically you could use this post for tips on any sort of cake popping — it’s the technique that I’m trying to get down.  And I want others to go in knowing what I have now learned through experience.

These were baby chicken cake pops…

Inside: chocolate cake from a mix baked in a Cake Pop Pan.  This is a marvelous invention!  My tip to you is if you have one of these, perhaps don’t fill the little round holes super full because then they come out of the oven looking like little Saturns.


-Yellow baking chocolate.  (Melting tip: use a double boiler and keep the water at about 100 degrees, to the point where the water is warm, but cool enough to touch with your bare finger.)

-Yellow and orange tiny rainbow chip sprinkles.  They look like teeney tiny Hershey kisses but colored and candy-coated.  You need two yellow ones per chick for the wings (see either side) and one orange one for the beak.

-Orange sprinkles in the shape of a chicken foot.  Anything sort of star-shaped or even flower-shaped seems to work.

-Edible pen.  Actually bought one this time.  Only it didn’t work.  Going to try a different brand next time. The pen worked for like one chick and then stopped working.  This must be one of the first chickens to receive eyes.  The later chickens have terrifying crazy eyes with either the red pen (zombie-chicken?) or the blue pen gone wild (rabid-chicken?).


-When dipping the cake balls into chocolate, poke the hole in the cake ball first.  Dip the stick in chocolate.  Insert chocolate stick into hole.  Let dry.  Be very gentle with it afterwards, as this form of “gluing” is not very secure.

-When dipping the whole cake ball, don’t dip the whole ball into the bowl of chocolate.  The cake ball will fall off and you will be very sad and without a normal-ish looking chicken.  Rather, have a large, deep plastic spoon full of chocolate in one hand and with the other hand, carefully twirl the cake pop in the chocolate of the spoon while only letting the cake pop sort of graze the chocolate, and not smash against the spoon.  Spoon smashing results in lost cake pop ball again.  We would like to prevent this.


How to Make Turkey Cake Pops that Don’t Suck as Bad as Mine

So I have been wanting to make really cute cake pops for awhile now and finally Kathryn and I got the chance to.  We had the cookbook but Bakerella post it on her website as well.  (http://www.bakerella.com/youll-want-to-gobble-these-right-up/).  Trying this recipe, I learned a few things I wish I had known beforehand.

Here is what the turkeys turned out as…

Here’s what I would have liked to have known before:

1) When making any sort of cake pop, you can’t just stick cake on the stick and then dip it into the chocolate.  The cake will fall off the stick and die in the chocolate and you will cry.  Apparently the secret is to dip the stick into the chocolate, then the cake ball.  Then let it harden like glue to keep the cake on the stick and dip it into the chocolate.  Well, we didn’t know this beforehand and as a result, our turkeys ended up stick-less.  LESSON LEARNED!

2) Bakerella calls for chocolate covered expresso beans.  However, the only chocolate covered expresso beans I found were either a) so dark you wouldn’t be able to see the turkey’s black eyes or b) way expensive.  Not wanting to spend $40 on cake pop turkey’s, I opted against the Trader Joe’s chocolate covered expresso beans and decided to try out Milk Duds.  A box of Milk Duds was more like $1.50 instead of $5+

3) I didn’t have a edible ink black pen.  If you already have one on hand, great, use it!  But I did not.  One of the few things in my kitchen I don’t have.  Michael’s sells a box of four colored edible ink pens for $9.  Having no coupon or need for the other three colored pens in the pack, I skipped this ingredient.  Since the only use of the pen were the two tiny dot eyes, I decided to use a fine tipped Sharpie instead and not tell anyone… Shhh!

Come Christmas time, I will have this cake pop thing down!