Nail Trends: One Silver Nail — How to Do it Right

Lately, I have seen so many people with nails that set the ring finger apart.


photos from and

I don’t like the huge pieces of glitter I have seen that make the manicure look over-the-top and tacky.  I was going for something a little more classy.  Plus, I think this look is festive enough for winter too.  I plan on switching up the color from purple to navy blue or red for the holiday season.


  • The perfect amount of sparkle comes from Essie’s Beyond Cozy.  The sparkles are very fine and dainty, rather than chunky, which I love.  Also, I found that, unlike many sparkle polishes, you do not have to do five layers to get the full-on sparkle effect.  This look was done with only two layers.
  • I complemented this with a subtle gray-purple: Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Pro in the color Steel Grey.  I was really surprised at how fast this lacquer dried and though the name hints nothing at its lavender hue, it certainly is more of a shade of purple than a shade of grey (heh heh.)

Hope your upcoming holiday season is bright and merry!


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