The Cake Pop That Made Me Think I Was Good At Making Cake Pops


These were my first attempt at cake popping.  Yes, I know they don’t have a stick in them.  This actually made it so much easier.  And they didn’t have to be perfectly round (also a plus).  They are at the beginning of Bakerella’s Cake Pop book for a reason.  They are freakin’ easy compared to any other cake pop-esque treat.

The trick is that you use this mold (I got mine from JoAnn’s) and follow these lovely guidelines, as I did.

Need: colored chocolate, cake, cream cheese frosting, M&Ms, sprinkles.  No crazy cake popping talent required.  Only patience.  Lots of patience!  If you are just experimenting or making cake pops on your own, I recommend only making half the cake bites…it takes FOREVER!

These actually looked surprisingly like they are intended to look.  Success!


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