How to Make a Jewelry/ Earring Hanger Using a Frame

I’ve seen this idea a few other places, but it was finally time for me to put it into practice!

Here are some key tips I wish I had known before I set out:

* They do not sell the wire mesh at Michael’s.  Your best bet is a hardware store like Ace.  That’s where I found mine.

* It is not necessary to use a staple gun to attach the mesh. Hot glue works just fine. I found out that the staple gun did not work very well for me. The staple kept hitting the wire mesh and going all over the place and I just had to pull all the staples out. HOT GLUE! Lots of it!

*Attach the wire mesh to the inside edge of the frame.  You know, the groove where you would normally set a picture in if you were using the frame for actual frame purposes. If you just staple/glue the wire mesh to the back, the earring wires will not have extra room behind the mesh to hang.

But don’t get me wrong, it actually is a pretty easy  and quick project if you do it right the first time.  Which you can, using those tips I just gave you.  I had to take mine apart a few times. :/


So you need:

1.) Hot glue gun (or a staple gun if you are feeling adventurous)

2.) Frame.  I painted an 8×10 inch frame. Minus the glass and backing and stuff.

3.) Wire Mesh.  Or screen. Or something of that variety.

That’s it!

-Cut out a piece of wire mesh that entirely fits the inside groove area in the frame.  Just like if you were putting a photo in there.

-Glue said mesh in place. I put the mesh in first, then layered lots of hot glue on top and all around to keep it in there!

..And that’s it!  See? it’s really simple.  I promise.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. saffron
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 08:42:06

    Good ideas Sara, Easy to make. Enjoyed reading your blog.Thanks!


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