How to Make a Jewelry/ Earring Hanger Using a Frame

I’ve seen this idea a few other places, but it was finally time for me to put it into practice!

Here are some key tips I wish I had known before I set out:

* They do not sell the wire mesh at Michael’s.  Your best bet is a hardware store like Ace.  That’s where I found mine.

* It is not necessary to use a staple gun to attach the mesh. Hot glue works just fine. I found out that the staple gun did not work very well for me. The staple kept hitting the wire mesh and going all over the place and I just had to pull all the staples out. HOT GLUE! Lots of it!

*Attach the wire mesh to the inside edge of the frame.  You know, the groove where you would normally set a picture in if you were using the frame for actual frame purposes. If you just staple/glue the wire mesh to the back, the earring wires will not have extra room behind the mesh to hang.

But don’t get me wrong, it actually is a pretty easy  and quick project if you do it right the first time.  Which you can, using those tips I just gave you.  I had to take mine apart a few times. :/


So you need:

1.) Hot glue gun (or a staple gun if you are feeling adventurous)

2.) Frame.  I painted an 8×10 inch frame. Minus the glass and backing and stuff.

3.) Wire Mesh.  Or screen. Or something of that variety.

That’s it!

-Cut out a piece of wire mesh that entirely fits the inside groove area in the frame.  Just like if you were putting a photo in there.

-Glue said mesh in place. I put the mesh in first, then layered lots of hot glue on top and all around to keep it in there!

..And that’s it!  See? it’s really simple.  I promise.


Romantic Rose Garland Bracelet


-Hot Glue Gun

-Wire cutters

Materials Needed:

–Twine/Hemp/ Leather cord

-Small Roses (like 5 or 6)

– 2 jump rings (gold)

– 1 clasp (gold)

– 24 gauge wire (gold)

– wire cutters

First, attach the jump rings by hot gluing the end of the twine to itself, forming a loop at each end of the twine.  Put each jumpring on each loop. Attach the clasp and end of the clasp to the jumprings.  Now you will have the piece of twine with a clasp on it.

Now to add the roses…

Take a few inches of the gold wire and stick it through a few threads on the back of one rose.  Pull the rose to the middle of the wire and wrap each end of the wire around the cord.  Cut off the excess long ends you don’t want.  Repeat this process every few inches on the cord with each rose.

Add a few more wire wraps here and there on the twine between roses for an added detail.  You can also wire wrap the end of the twine where the twine is hot glued around the jumprings – just to keep the twine in its place there!

How to Make Easy and Beautiful Hoop Earrings

I saw some beaded hoop earrings at Anthropologie and they didn’t look too difficult to make. These are my first beaded hoop earrings.

This tutorial will show you how it’s done. For the tutorial, I made these lovely purple, smaller hoops. The process for any different size, color, or shape hooped earrings is the same, so long as the beads fit on the hoop.

To make these purple hoops, you need:

Note that the image shows the supplies needed for ONE hoop. The numbers depict the amount needed for both hoops together.

First line up your beads in the order you want them to appear on the hoops. Then, start sliding the beads on the hoop.

This is what it will look like:

When you are done with that, you need to make a loop in the non-looped end of the hoop. Using round nose pliers, make a loop at the end of the hoop. Ooops that rhymes!

Now close the hoop by attaching a jumpring to each loop. Attach the earring wire to the jumpring and wha-la! Earrings!